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I had hoped to have written before now on this exhibition of these two artists that is being held at one of Colombia´s best galleries: La Cometa. Fortunately the exhibition will continue till 9th December 2008! So if you are in Bogota I would recommend you take a an hour or so to get along to see it.

These artists have been married now for over 50 and have very different styles of work and this is the first time in 25 years that they have exhibited together in Colombia.

Jim´s exhibition is called “Meridianos” and his sculpture in bronze deals with concepts relating to sexuality and erotisicm. Meanwhile Olga´s exhibition called “Strata” presents work based on precolumbian fabrics and designs.

The works presented are part of their personal collections from various decades. As the artists say, it is “almost as if they were letting people into their home”.

Jim Amaral: Sculptor
Jim Amaral was born in the USA in California and came to Colombia over four decades ago, making Bogota his home. His works have been strongly acclaimed and indeed adorn the plazas and entrances to several of Bogota´s most important skyscrapers.

Further information on Jim Amaral can be found here.


Olga de Amaral: Textiles Artist

Surely one of the main reasons that keeps Jim in Colombia is his Colombian wife, Olga! A very well respected artist in her own right she is renowned for her pioneering work in taking pre-colombian textile designs and reforming them within her artworks. Her most recent works have included integrating textile pieces with gold leaf.


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La Otra” – “the other” art fair ends in Bogota today.This is the contemporary art fair that was set up to challenge the “curatorial” process of ArtBo and they certainly have made a statement!

I was fortunate enough to have been able to visit it yesterday evening, and compared to ArtBo it obviously leaves a lot to be desired as it was done on a very small budget without state or local government assistance.

However, what I can categorically state is that it has been a total success. I do not have confirmed numbers but I do reckon that at least 2000 people made a visit to the old disused building that was a printing house in La Macarena sector of Bogota close to the city centre.

One of the galleries I enjoyed viewing was “Die Ecke” of Chile which is curated by Ethel Klenner. They sold several works for what were pretty good prices (USD $2000 – $3000) while I made my tour. Also present were artists from Valenzuela y Klenner, Cuarto nivel, the Art Room, Casas Riegner, La Cometa and galleries from Mexico and the UK.

The artistic propositions of almost all artists fell into the contemporary style relating to things or objects rather than more traditional paintings or sculptures (though some galleries did present such work)  plus there were quite a few photographic presentations.

Now when ArtBo first opened in 2005 there were plenty of presentations from several local art critics and historians. Unfortunately this year there were none. But luckily there were such interesting presentations in “La Otra”.

So all I would like to say now is that I salute their efforts and I hope they will be able to bring back the fair next year!!!

Congratulations to all those involved in “La Otra”.

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