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Noooo! I do not mean the artist is being sold . . . . just one of his paintings: The well known work ‘El conquistador’ by the Colombian artist Fernando Botero will be brought to auction tomorrow in Madrid.

With an estimated value of US$630.000 I predict that this large painting (224 x 170 cm) signed in 1984 and showing a spanish “conquistador” looking at the spectator while holding a blunderbuss in one hand and a sword in the other while treading on the face of a dead indian, will reach a much greater price…..probably over USD $1.000.000 if all goes well.

Hopefully this piece of art still belongs to Botero. Although he is estimated to have a fortune greater than USD $100.000.000 he has always denied this…and I believe him.

Making huge amounts of money in the art world is not always so easy and as in any business there are many cogs that have to boiled for the machine to work correctly. So, although the Maestro has never pleaded poverty I feel certain that his wealth is not as great as many would be led to believe . . . !

So tomorrow, October 9th at the Sala Retiro de Caja Madrid, this great work along with other Spanish and Latin American artists such as Antoni Tàpies, Oswaldo Guayasamín, Danilo Vinardell, Agustín Bejarano and Roberto Fabelo.

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PostDatum: Well the results are in and Mr Botero´s artwork sold for the reported price of . . . . 645.700 euros (though I am not if that includes the auctioneers commission)  which is right now about USD $930.000 so I wasn’t far away in my estimate.

PS: If any readers are looking to purchase a Botero original then please contact me initially through this blog.


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