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Space has no barriers or boundaries, objects and events that occur there are three dimensional in nature and have a relative position and direction. In his most recent work, Pablo Tamayo questions the boundaries, perception and reading of space. The artist presents his work in formal terms using a language inherent to the study of geometry.

Tamayo explores the interpretations and studies by scientists such as Kant, Poincare, Gauss and Einstein, who challenged accepted theories that defined space, and scientists have transcended the boundaries to touch directly and indirectly other seemingly opposing themes as psychology and religion among others.

With his new work, and using tools, processes and a purely artistic sensibility, Tamayo raises his own questions of space and geometry, and invites the public to participate. The work presents the viewer the opportunity to complete and give meaning to work through how they perceive their environment.

The recent work of Pablo Tamayo is a collaborative effort between the artist and the imagination of the viewer. Thus one of the main functions of an artist: to invite the viewer to question, reflect and participate in the work is answered at this exhibition.

Inauguration: March 5, 2009, 7 PM.
Exhibition: 5-26 March 2009

Arte Consultores
Cra 16 No. 86A-31
Bogotá, Colombia
Tel / Fax: (+57-1) 530-0339 / 616-3863

Tuesday-Saturday: 10am to 6 PM
Sunday: closed
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