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Wow !! Looks like a big number doesn´t it?!

Unfortunately it is in Colombian pesos . . .however, it is still a tidy sum of around USD $450.000.

Which for Colombia means it was one of the biggest sales ever.

The auction was arranged by Maria Victoria Estrada and Ana Sokoloff and was held to raise funds for Colombian charities such as Conexión Colombia, Colombia Diversa, Fundación Genesis y Fundacion Juan Felipe Escobar.

Ana Sokoloff, who has worked with Christies in New York, and with many galleries in Bogota selected the artists for this auction with an eye on maintaining high quality latin american artworks in the auction. The auction was held in the top Colombian gallery “La Cometa” which is run by Esteban Jaramillo and has held exhibitions in the past of artist such as Luis Luna, Jason Galarraga and Le Parc.

Through this successful auction more than 600,000 Colombians should benefit in someway through the application of the money within the charities that are to benefit from some of the proceeds.


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One of Venezuela´s top artists, Jason Galarraga, is presently exhibiting his most recent works at the “La Cometa” gallery in Bogota.

This work being shown is the first major individual exhibition of this new series of artworks created by Galarraga.

Vestigial traces of his symbolic figurative pieces from the nineties are still detectable, as one would expect, but what was vestigial in the works of that period – typesettings – have come to the forefront in these new works – and to great effect.

The exhibition is called “Paginas” (Pages) and its main theme is developed around the construction of graphics & typesetting as pertinent to news-sheet or the printed press designs. So what does this new symbolism mean – well, “visit the exhibition and see for yourself may be the artists” reply. Galarraga likes for each person in his audience to participate in finding and deciphering their own meaning from his works.

As you may guess given the nature of his most recent work, it comes as no surprise that Galarraga studied Graphic Design before deciding to become a full time professional artist. And shortly after that decision he made his way to one of the world´s art capitals – Paris, France – to learn from the best. But now he is back in Latin America showing his work in different countries in the continent.

Already several large works have been sold with the exhibition only having been open two days – so I am sure it will be a commercial success for the gallery and the artist – but most importantly, Galarraga´s work is creating a new expression in the language of art from Latin America – one that will be heard worldwide!

Jason Galarraga - Exhibition in La Cometa

Jason Galarraga beside one of the earlier pieces of
his most recent artworks.

La Cometa
Cr 10 #94A-25
Bogota, Colombia

Mon – Fri9am – 7pm
Sat 11 am – 6pm

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