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While setting my head down on my pillow, readying myself for a night of relaxed slumber I had the strangest of thoughts. it occurred to me that many artists – in Colombia at least – tend to be repetitious in their art, especially when they have found or created a work that has been more commercially successful.

I could simply point the finger at Botero as the cause of this for Colombian artists.

His work show “fat people” in many guises. He has become identified with them.

However, I do not believe that identification is the objective of repetition and most probably is a result of certain commercial or at least public success when a work has been created that has been acclaimed by the public  ( . . . . and possibly sells well too.)

But I think there is a little more to it.

In Colombia at least, there is still no cultural interest in buying copies, especially lithographs or giclees. In part because a giclee is still quite expensive with respect to an original work and many lithographs or serigraphs are not appreciated for what they are. So, as such, there is little demand for them. And so, it is actually “easier” for the artist to repeat an artwork either similarly or loosely disguised with respect to the original work that gained importance or recognition. Often it is the galleries as well as the buying public that cause this to happen – they want a work from “such and such” a series. The thing is – perhaps the series never existed – it was just that the artists created a great work of art that should have been left to stand on its own – without having to be pigeon holed.

What this all boils down to is that I see (and know of) many good and creative artists who tend to become martyrs of their own success and often their apparent creativity  as artists is not realized to its full potential. (I speak of their potential as artist – not artisan or draughtsman).

I think some may hid behind the concept that they are creating a style – a fashion – in their art and that is why it may seem repetitious – but I think it is about time that the artists start to use the mediums of reproduction to force the public to buy works that they like in that way so that they cannot go to the artists and say they want a “copy” of a work they saw. This can only damage the artists soul.

What do you think dear reader?

Have you seen this elsewhere in the world?

Do you agree that this may occur?


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