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danilo_duenasDanilo Dueñas is an artist from Cali and he will soon be exhibiting his work in the esteemed Casas Riegner Gallery in Bogota. His latest presentation uses “objet trouvés” or objects that he has found and combined to create a piece of art according to his aesthetic criteria which he bases on rationality and experimentation – but not chance.

According to Dueñas, even the dust on his objects is art and he has asked the gallery director, Catalina Casas, to guard the dust along with the objects that eventually have to be placed in storage. Strange indeed!

Again, this type of “art” begs the question as to whether behind its presentation there is sufficient seriousness and rationality as the artist claims.

Having fixed an old table to a wall with its top placed against the flat surface and its legs sticking out perpendicularly it might be claimed that where a mere mortal such as ourselves might only see an old piece of furniture, Dueñas percieves lines, light that cuts across the object and shadows that create figures.
Dueñas has had an eclectic way of life because it went from studying law to the theater and from there to paint. His studies were not in a classroom but tirelessly visiting s museum, believing that a good artist should profoundly know the history of art. Ha has also enjoyed the freedom of creative license,  and the ability to be decisive and aggressive through being a self-taught artist.

Today he teaches in several universities, which allows reciprocity and interesting insight into how his students understand things. Today his work is in constant motion, in flux, as a manifesto against boredom and a celebration of life.


Casas Riegner

Calle 70A #7-41


Tel: 249-9194


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It was really just by chance that I managed to catch the exhibition of Elsa Zambrano today. As I had other business to attend to at the Casas Riegners Gallery, in Bogotá where the exhibition – which is about to end – is being held.

I had seen it mentioned in “El Tiempo” in December but as I was pretty busy tying up loose ends before going on vacation I just wasn’t able to squeeze a visit into my schedule then – however, I am extremely happy that I was able to see it today.

For her paintings, Zambrano basically finds interesting industrial cloths with ready made “scenery” (read patterns) that she can relate to and with acrylic paints creates an almost hyper-real image on top of the cloth – using it as a canvas.

Here are a few of her works.

De Una Pieza

De Una Pieza - Elsa Zambrano

De Una Pieza - Elsa Zambrano

Now I now that this idea is not totally original but with her wealth of artistic background experience (she graduated in Fine Arts from the reputed Jorge Tadeo Lozano University) and talents the artist creates a very interesting art-form that stands up by itself.

However, in addition to these paintings, she also produced a realistic presentation of clothes folded on drawers painted on wood. These were placed on the wall in an arrangement that looked like drawers were really coming out of the wall and had clothes in them!

Also, there was a small installation with a couple of clothes racks full of the clothes that she actually painted in here works.

Al in all, the exhibition is well worth a visit and is still open to the public til January 31st, 2008.

Here is the Gallery info:

Calle 70a #7-41
Bogota, Colombia
Tel: (571) 249-9194
Fax: (571) 212-4116
Mon.-Fri.: 10am-1pm, 3pm-7pm


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Luis Luna Matiz - Colombian Artist

The Artist

Luis Luna was born in Bogota in 1958.

Although first studying to become a doctor at the Javeriana University in Bogota in 1976 – and as is often the case in situations related to the arts – Luis Luna soon realized that he would have to follow, develop and master what was his real passion – Art.

So, during the 80´s he studied the Fine Arts at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, one of Colombia´s best universities for the arts, and then continued his studies at Hochschule der Kunste in Berlin. Not satisfied with this this great Colombian painter topped off his knowledge with an MFA at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Now, after that brief introduction, I could go on an on talking about all the grants and awards and extensive international exhibitions that Luna has completed but I will save you some time and just refer you to his website where all that stuff is written. You can find it here and you can come back to it later: Luis Luna.

So why did I bother to mention all the time spent he studying? Well once you get to know Luis you will perceive and understand that he is of tremendous intellect and that presents itself and is intrinsically part of his work. So in many ways, if you want to understand what this artist creates, I would suggest that it is necessary to understand him.

The Art

Luna has had several distinct and identifiable periods amongst the body of work he has built over the last two decades. So it would be facile to say that he bases much of his art on the integration of words into his paintings. However, over the most recent years this is often the starting point for many of his works. But these words placed in his paintings – sometimes upside down or at varying angles – are not to be interpreted directly but serve as a visual aid or symbol in understanding the piece of art as a whole. He has also at times included materials to form collages or included metals and enamels to represent his ideas.

But in his own words he says:

I am not an illustrator of ideas, that is what happens with many conceptual artists. I, basically, am a painter and as such I feed off of many things, from collage to literature. That is why my paintings become phrases. Nevertheless, my point of departure is that the painting has to be born from unconscious impulse.”

El Tiempo, 11 July 2007

Divina Libertad

One of the most recent paintings that I personally admire is called “Divina Libertad”. Now this work was just recently shown this year at his exhibition at the Casas Riegner Gallery in Bogota. Now this work was previously shown at the Museum of Modern Art in Bogota (MAMBO) in 2006, but the artist continued to work on it during 2007 prior to re-exhibiting it at Casas Riegner. However, I have inside knowledge that this work was originally started in 2003 or possibly as early as 2002 – and although it is a large work (3m x 4m) it would not have required the artist 4 years of his life to create – but perhaps the four years were necessary for the thought process to mature and become that art that he wishes to present to the world. It is a work that is based on two words: Divina Libertad (Beautiful Freedom).

A theme perhaps that would definitely require a large canvas as he has given it and based it on three important colors: red, black and gold. Were this colors deliberately chosen? Why don´t you ask the artist. Me? I believe they represent the blood and death that many south american countries experienced in the centuries old fight over the continents riches and even today that fight continues within Colombia for a freedom that is has yet to be completed. Perhaps a divine intervention is required?

Divina Libertad

Divina Libertad

(Oil / Canvas 300cm x 400cm – 2007)



The next work I have chosen to show here is perhaps more complex in its presentation and one which I would rather you view and leave your comments on.



(Oil / Canvas 120cm x 80cm – 2007)


Homenaje A Torres – García

This this example leaves little room for explanation as the title says it all. However, though Torres Garcia was a geometric artist the pulse of Luis Luna is written all over this work and makes it a beautiful tribute not only to the artist but to decades of knowledge built up in the arts in Latin America.


Homenaje a Torres Garcia

Homenaje a Torres-García

(Mixed Media / Metal 100cm x 100cm – 2007)


To stay informed on the artist´s life and work,

and his exhibition in Zurich, November 2007,

click here to subscribe to his Newsletter

and if you live in Zurich you will be invited to

have a glass of wine with this recognised artist

and to get his autograph!




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I thought I would take a few minutes to announce that an artist friend of mine, Luis Luna Matiz, one of Colombia´s top artists will be presenting an exhibition of his latest work at the Perez Rojas Gallery in Zurich, Switzerland (details below).

The exhibition starts on the 21st of November and will run through to 15th December 2007. The actual cocktail opening night is on the 17th of November. So if you are in Zurich on that date and like art please make an effort to support Luis, the gallery and the arts and go and see the exhibition of one of Colombia´s finest and most accomplished artists.

Luis as ever has been very busy over the last few weeks finishing off some of his new works and organizing their shipment from Bogota to Europe. Although his work is often cited as abstract it is much more complex in that Luna´s interest in art particularly tries to reflect cross-cultural relations. Indeed if you view his CV it shows that apart from his art studies in Colombia, he also studied at the Hochschule der Kunste, Berlin for five years and consequently also speaks excellent German.

I will see if I can give you a more complete profile of this artist in the next few days to complement this information.

Exhibition Details:

Perez Rojas Gallery
Neustadtgasse 2,
8001 Zürich
Tel: +41 43 377 52 52
Fax: +41 43 377 52 52


Mo-Fr 14-18 ·· Sa 13-16

How To Get There:

Tram 3/5/8/9 & Bus 31 bis Kunsthaus / Pfauen
Map (the green arrow shows where the gallery is located)

Gallery Perez Rojas - Zurich Map

Follow this post to get more info on the artist Luis Luna.

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La Otra” – “the other” art fair ends in Bogota today.This is the contemporary art fair that was set up to challenge the “curatorial” process of ArtBo and they certainly have made a statement!

I was fortunate enough to have been able to visit it yesterday evening, and compared to ArtBo it obviously leaves a lot to be desired as it was done on a very small budget without state or local government assistance.

However, what I can categorically state is that it has been a total success. I do not have confirmed numbers but I do reckon that at least 2000 people made a visit to the old disused building that was a printing house in La Macarena sector of Bogota close to the city centre.

One of the galleries I enjoyed viewing was “Die Ecke” of Chile which is curated by Ethel Klenner. They sold several works for what were pretty good prices (USD $2000 – $3000) while I made my tour. Also present were artists from Valenzuela y Klenner, Cuarto nivel, the Art Room, Casas Riegner, La Cometa and galleries from Mexico and the UK.

The artistic propositions of almost all artists fell into the contemporary style relating to things or objects rather than more traditional paintings or sculptures (though some galleries did present such work)  plus there were quite a few photographic presentations.

Now when ArtBo first opened in 2005 there were plenty of presentations from several local art critics and historians. Unfortunately this year there were none. But luckily there were such interesting presentations in “La Otra”.

So all I would like to say now is that I salute their efforts and I hope they will be able to bring back the fair next year!!!

Congratulations to all those involved in “La Otra”.

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