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The idea of “conquest” summarizes what is going to be exhibited within the gallery. Two artists, one Colombian and one French, will explore the cultural icons in order to better understand their own culture.

Two similar processes where these values are compared, demarcate territories, demonstrations of power, protect the identity ….
Cultural identity with their symbols and their iconography their materials is at the heart of the discussions and Ceci Arango and Etienne Demange propose it as a medium of contrast to determine their own rootlessness, of which each in its own way has been a victim.

As part of a commentary by Carlos Fuentes: “For a Latin American it is significant that he is not European, nor African, nor Indian, but someone who has to discover himself and create his own face.”

Meanwhile the French Alsace has also been multicultural area where the surnames had to be changed depending on the authority of the day. This is where the two artists began their dialogue, invoking symbols that can serve as landmarks in the nomadic and relocation of the contemporary world.

Ubiquitous information and virtualization that dissipates distances, produces another collective sensitivity, built on cultural plurality and richness of diversity. The fading of the meta-narratives, domination and dependence, central and periphery, are beginning to lose prominence to give way to  the appropriation, the re-assigning, new modes of production where the images, symbols, meanings of the world are used at discretion  to constitute the common heritage.

Proposals referring to a strategic game of domination, but framed within colonial thought, the generation defined by Walter Mignolo as “a universal dialogue,” a world where many worlds fit, and where, as Anibal Quijano says, “the epistemological decolonization is necessary, then giving way to a new inter-cultural communication in an exchange of experiences and meanings, as the basis of rationality that might otherwise legitimately claim to as a kind of universality.”
Etienne Demange performs in the play “Room 1”, a decorated shrine of the first mission built in Cali on the route of the conquerors, invading and capturing materials, as symbols of the Spanish colony to build their own statement of power. Overlap of their own identity on white baskets made from wérregue by the Chocoan Wawnana Indians presenting shapes with bright lines of their own symbols of identity, on ceramic  funeral urns with pre-Hispanic techniques and modified cotton shirts and graphics illustrating the tensions between power and identity.

Ceci Arango, in her proyect “Deco” afro-looking pictures made with human hair taken from hairdressers in Bogota and makes batons looking as if they come from an ancient culture, with feminine silhouettes and  hairstyles of  contemporary people. The work “43 Million”, consisting of 43 chairs in Colombian woods of different color and textures, represents the cultural and ethnic diversity of the country.

Inauguration: Thursday March 5
Time: 7:30 P.M.
Cll.77 No. 12-03

Tel: 6009795


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