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Wow !! Looks like a big number doesn´t it?!

Unfortunately it is in Colombian pesos . . .however, it is still a tidy sum of around USD $450.000.

Which for Colombia means it was one of the biggest sales ever.

The auction was arranged by Maria Victoria Estrada and Ana Sokoloff and was held to raise funds for Colombian charities such as Conexión Colombia, Colombia Diversa, Fundación Genesis y Fundacion Juan Felipe Escobar.

Ana Sokoloff, who has worked with Christies in New York, and with many galleries in Bogota selected the artists for this auction with an eye on maintaining high quality latin american artworks in the auction. The auction was held in the top Colombian gallery “La Cometa” which is run by Esteban Jaramillo and has held exhibitions in the past of artist such as Luis Luna, Jason Galarraga and Le Parc.

Through this successful auction more than 600,000 Colombians should benefit in someway through the application of the money within the charities that are to benefit from some of the proceeds.


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Ifr you have been reading this blog regularly you may have seen the post created over a year ago about the other art fair “La Otra” that arose in Bogota due to general inconformity of several galleries over the way in which the galleries and artists were being selected. Well, I am happy to report that “La Otra” is still alive and well and will be returning to show more artists this year from the 16th – 21st October 2008.

It`s presentation will again occur in the old lithographic factory of Canal Ramirez-Antares not far from the “barrio” of La Candelaria in the centre of Bogota.

This art fair is again being organised by Jairo Valenzuela and will receive almost twice as many galleries this year as compared to last year with additional appearances of galleries from Canada, Iran and South Africa. Local galleries include Casas Reigner and Alcuadrado. There are also twelve independent art spaces for individual artists to present their work to the attending public.

The event will receive the assistance of the curators Ana Sokoloff, Jaime Ceron and Michele Faguet.

The event will be competing directly against ArtBo 2008 in terms of being held during the same dates but is focusing on a different audience that is much more contemporary in its likes in art.

The entrance fee should be less than USD $5 with discounts for seniors and children.

I attended this fair last year and I LOVED it – if you are in or around Bogota on those dates make an effort to get yourself to see the works on show.

Further information can be found at: (+571) 282-6975 / 243-7752

La Otra

(Litografias Canal Ramirez-Antares)

Cr 4 #25B-50 (Barrio: La Macarena)


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